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School Leavers Commercial Refrigeration & Aircon
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Intensive Training :: ( You need a practical background to get the full valve )
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The Refrigeration School is Currently using a Bed and Breakfast that we have found Much more suitable

Details are :  La Java  Phone 011 660 6749

We have found them reasonable cheap but very accommodating and helpful

The Refrigeration school has an adjacent dormitory capable of sleeping 8


Attached to the dormitory is a private room that can sleep two

Therefore total sleeping accommodation for overnight students during classes is 10 beds


No Cooking is Allowed in the Dormitories,


Delicious vetcooks are available from the Station vendors that are very popular and a SPAR about 300meter away supplies a plate to hot food at reasonable price, There is also a Take away menu that will deliver for orders over R 50

KFC is also about 400m away


For security of student belongings , the dormitories are locked during the day.

The school building is locked up , Except in Emergency there is NO Access In OR OUT after 7.30 PM. Students are here to lean not to party and disrupt there fellow trainees who want to get ahead.


  • Right of admission is reserved

  • No Drinking or Guests are allowed.

  • Students are only allowed to overnight during their training

  • Any Damage to property will be for your account and will come out of your deposit and thereafter your training fees

  • Students are here to learn not to play. If any student disrupts another after hours they will be evicted from the Dormitory immediately There will be No Adjudication, hearing, pleading, or anything of the sort .

    • The Student WILL be put out into the night AND Accommodation Fee’s will be forfeit by the Student.

    • Any arguments and abrasive behavior will cause the SAP to be summoned to evict

  • No Cooking in the Dormitories

  • No interfering in way , intentionality or unintentionally in any belongings other than your Own

  • Lights out at 10PM,

  • All Quite after 10PM

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