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About Us

The Refrigeration Training college also known as  " The Fridge School " is located in Krugersdorp, on the West Rand, which is West of Johannesburg. South Africa

The Refrigeration / Fridge School Educates and Trains Students from the :
  • Local Areas
  • National Students who come to us for their Training
  • International Students from all over Africa and SADC

Our Primary focus is to Educate and Train Refrigeration Mechanic's and bring them up to speed on the latest developments in the refrigeration industry.

Training Team
The Fridge School is headed up by an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer assisted with a Team of "old Salt" Lecturers that generally have worked in the industry for about twenty years they got all the experience needed you bring our students up to speed

The School is situated opposite the Krugersdorp Train station . this enables the learners not to be locked down to accommodation in Krugersdorp but to travel to were they wish to stay during their Refrigeration Training

The School also maintains a small dormitory for students who come from far and do not wish to travel or who do not know the area and need accommodation for the duration of their fridge training

The Refrigeration training program makes the following assumptions of our Students :
  •  The Student is a "practical " type of person
  •  The Student is exposed to other Fridge Technicians so the student can grow   based on the Fridge School Foundation training
  •  The Student has a genuine desire to better himself / herself
  •  The Student intends to practice as a Refrigeration Mechanic or in the Refrigeration field on leaving the Refrigeration  / Fridge School Training

The Refrigeration Training Course is a  48 hour training course that seeks to instill the following Knowledge in its pupils :

  • A solid Foundation of basic concept of refrigeration and Basic Electricity
  • Solid Domestic Refrigeration understanding and ability. Everything builds on this Foundation, the Student has to understand Domestic refrigeration in order to understand and maintain commercial refrigeration systems
  • Refrigeration gas Types , what is being phased out and what is replacing the Ozone depleting Gases.
  • A Strong focus on Refrigeration Compressors, Selection , Design, Care and reasons for Failure
  • Commercial refrigeration as in Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms , Islands, displays Coke &  Beer  Fridges and every thing else in between
  • Air conditioning, Ice Makers and Ice Cream Machines

Fridge School